Walking My Talk: The Accountability Promise

Accountability matters. It pays to make sure people know your plans, so you follow through on your promises or face public censure. Scientific studies prove it. Don’t believe me, click here (find studies). This lead me to try accountability buddies, with limited success. Follow through is that issue, that and holding my feet to the fire, for real.

Which brings me to this. I’m throwing words into the void, a less scary proposition. Still, it means I’m walking my talk. AND, as nothing on the internet ever goes away, perhaps more long lasting. Now they can come back to haunt me for years, so, yep, best follow through. Welcome, faceless web, to my future plans.

Deep Breath: I’m going to release all three books of my trilogy within six months of each other. Crazy, right? Maybe, but I’m putting my money on maybe not. Tentative schedule:

  • Book 1: How To Survive A Minor Alien Invasion will get released in late June/early July 2022
  • Book 2: Now What? arrives in September 2022
  • Book 3: Title TBD lands late November

The final book will come both as an individual book and as a box set with special features in time for the holidays. Now that you know my plans: NO EXCUSES! Every month I’ll update you, letting you know where I’m stuck and, I hope, helping you avoid some of my missteps.

What needs to happen for this to work? Tons of things, but life is about priorities. My priority is my book and everything I’m doing supports that and me until I release, or maybe unleash, them onto the unsuspecting world. A tentative list includes:

  • Finished blurbs on all three
  • Marketing plan in place and in practice
  • Book 3 completed, with an established title
  • Book 2 hammered into a completed manuscript
  • Book 1 tweaks done
  • Active member of a writers group
  • Beta readers found and heard from
  • Clear on the category I’m listing them in
  • Release platform decided
  • Still have a life

Wish me luck!

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