The Simple Joy of Washing My Hair

I have long hair

Yep, LONG hair

There are certain acts, simple and everyday, that none the less provide a reset to your entire mood. For some it’s ironing or cooking. Some putter around a garden or take a walk. For me, the task that puts me right is washing my hair.

I have long, naturally curly hair that devolves into froze if a comb so much as looks at it. I have two drying options, hair dryer or air dryer. I lack the patience or coordination to deal with the first, defaulting to the second and letting my curl do what it will. This set of circumstances means I only have to wash my air twice a week. And, yes, that’s totally healthy, ask at your local salon or barber shop.

Sometimes, though, when I’m feeling stuck or restless and can’t decide where to begin, even if I don’t need to, I’ll wash my hair. Something about massaging the shampoo into my scalp, the water down my back and on my face, cleans not only my body, but clears out my mind as well. Frustration and indecision go down the drain with the residue and I emerge feeling centered and energized.

What is your go to? How do you recharge? Let me know.

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