Here Comes The Sun-At Starbucks: Into the New Normal

I wrote the first draft at what became this post in Starbucks-unmasked. Socially distant and all, but 100% sans mask. It felt…weird. Strange and decadent, but a relief all at the same time. At the time I thought, nice first step. Now, a few weeks and one vacation later, I can only feel gratitude. Not everyplace can do that yet. For my family in Washington state, it remains in the future. Thank you Colorado for your desire to vaccinate!

In the moment, though, I hoped for relaxing. As I sat inside on a rare cloudy day in June, got freezing and wondered how long I could sit there. I spent a lot of time outside on my back deck last summer. Yet, my big excursions involved opening our French doors. No, I ventured out and entered a restaurant. What a huge step. What a sign of our changed reality that that’s a huge step.

And I still froze, and it only confirmed my belief that whoever intents a heating/cooling system that does not overcompensate, that works for everyone, deserves a Nobel, riches and statues in their honor, I stayed and moved forward. I also made a decision. This summers’ theme: local tourist. I’m going to do things and go places that I never consider because I live here.

What about you? What was your first step into normal? How did it feel?

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