Making Peace With Marketing

My head says, you worked hard on this book, and you want people to read and enjoy it. For that to happen, you need to market it. My heart joins in, saying that I can be just as creative here as with my fiction. However, my gut screams; danger, back away, stay safe. and for the longest time, including this very second, my gut overruled both my head and heart. The uneven posting on this blog is proof of that conflict.

Now though, my head and heart are getting louder and more demanding, employing their own mighty weapon: Shame. You put this much work into this, and you’re not willing to love it all the way?

Welcome to my full pitched battle, one that the H & H team began winning by taking baby steps. Three article, I agreed to read three articles on marketing. I’m giving myself a max of 22 of them, no more. After that, I end the reading and start the doing. And I have a month. That’s my start. I’m betting that my early efforts will suck. Early efforts always do, but the goal isn’t good, it’s a start.

Second job: figuring out my line. Everyone says vulnerability and authenticity are the key elements to connect with people. Great, in the abstract. In the real world, how much do I want people to know? Where is the place that crosses into none of your business? And most important, what does “being myself” mean in this context.

In short, I have 22 article to read and some soul searching to do. I’ll let you know what I learn and what I’ll decide.

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