Good Intentions: Deadline 1 Complete

Deadline: Finish writing/reordering/revising Book 2, Now What/Day 1 by January 15, 2021. Finished January, 18, 2021.

Yes, I met my first deadline, 3 days late, but I got it done. This is a major win for me, a huge milestone.

How did it feel?

As you can imagine, satisfying and joyful. But also, that ‘you made this so much harder than it need to be, Colleen’ judging voice reared it’s ugly head, and not for the first time either.

See, my process (and I still feel pretentious even talking about it like I’m a real writer or something, but the fraud police never stop their assault, and the trick is to power through, so my process) does not find me writing from beginning to end. No, instead, I get started, get attached, get to the point where I have a handle on were things are going, and then start plotting out character arch from there. This generally happens about a quarter or third of the way into what turns into the first draft. From there I start following characters that excite me, writing scenes in some sort of order. Then I get board and pick another character for awhile which means my biggest revising challenge is figuring out how to put dozens to a hundred disjointed scenes into a smooth flowing piece of work. It takes much longer that it should, or at least I feel that way, because I freak out over the whole thing, When it finally came together, and it did, the relief was palpable.

No resting, though, onto the next:

Finish rework/rewriting/reordering Books 1 (How To Survive A Minor Alien Invasion)/Day 3 by January 31, 2021

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