New Year’s Writing Intention 2021

I have intentions, rather than resolutions. I know it’s just a matter of semantics, but it works for me, and I’ll take anything that works for me, and my writing intention for 2021: Make and keep all deadlines. Now, I have other intentions for other areas of my life, but this is the one I’ve decided to focus on for my books. I’m really good, as Douglas Adams says, at hearing the sounds as deadlines whoosh past, and the sound is really starting to annoy me.

The only way I can see it working is to make them public and keep you updated on my progress, so first goals

Finish revising/reordering Book 2 (Now What?), Day one by Friday, January 15th.

Finish revising/reordering Book 1 (How To Survive A Minor Alien Invasion) by Sunday, January 31st.

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