Ergonomics…I Cannot Stress This Enough

Auntie Vida: Oh, sweet pea. Now you listen to your Auntie Vida. I what you to believe in yourself, imagine good things…and moisturize. I cannot stress this enough!

Miss Vida Boheme’s advice to Bobby Ray
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything. Love, Julie Newmar

To steal, and tweak, from Vida, and the late great Patrick Swayze, if you spend your days writing, invest in good equipment.
I learned this lesson the painful way, one that added daily PT exercises to my routine and will for months, maybe even the rest of my working life to keep my body in shape.

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environments. Study indicates that science is involved, and it is. You can find many, many articles about it online, as well as diagrams like this:

I’m writing this post to stress the importance of putting funds into furniture that works. Do this even if you think, ‘but I’m not a real writer’ or whatever phrase the fraud police throw your way. Guess what? Your body doesn’t care about the writer status in your head, only the effect doing it has on your body. And when you don’t take care of it, you will pay. Trust me, I speak from daily experience. Painful daily experience.

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