My Process: Step 1 Handwrite Everything

I hand write every first draft. I did it for this post, for my LinkedIn site, my book and articles. I tried to do it on machines, first a typewriter, and, yes, I’m that old, and then on a computer. I just can’t do it. Now, after I’ve transferred the paper version to computer, then I can do it. Weird, right? Nope, have to print it out, get out my red pencils, and go to town. This adds extra steps, but it works. I mean, this post is up, so things get finished. Still, I sometimes feel real jealousy toward those writers who can turn on their computers or laptops and go.

True confession: I like it this way. I like the feel of a pen in hand. I like the smoothness of the paper as my arm drags across it as I write. I like that I don’t’ have to wait to work while a machine warms up and I eve like the hand cramps. Ok, no I don’t’ like that one, but I accept that as part of the gig. I also do hand exercises in order to avoid extended bouts of pain. In the end, I like what I can feel on my skin and will take the downsides.

What about you? Do any of you have an old-fashioned piece of tech central to your process? Tell me about it.

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