I Named My Company What?

The Plan: Publish my books myself on Amazon. To do that, I needed a publishing company, or, rather, I decided I did, and I named it Century Plant Publishing

Why that name? The Century Plant is a real thing, a cactus in fact. It sits, thinking about it, growing leaves on the surface, then, years later, a shoot reached thirty feet up in the air and blooms. Then, of course, it dies, but it’s most beautiful and the end. Appropriate for a late bloomer, hun?

However, the idea came from, of all things, a teen movie called Camp. It features a very young Anna Kendrick if you’re into her. The film takes place at a drama camp for teens where a famous but burnt out Broadway songwriter comes to teach. The kids find a bunch of his unused songs and they inspire him to use them to create the summer finale. The name comes from one of the songs, call, surprise, Century Plant. Specifically, the chorus spoke to me:

‘Hey? Do you want to come out and play the game. It’s never too late.

What can I say? It resonated, and I created my company because I’m playing the game!

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