When the Fraud Police Win

Yesterday was one of those days where doing anything requiring creativity or thought or attention felt like too much bother. A day where distractions came easy and work came with stern internal talking to’s about daily goals and buckling down and all that. Not my first day like that, and it won’t be my last one. And I try, I do, sincerely try, to give myself a break and not let the voices in my head take hold, those evil little doubters.

You know the doubters, those whispers that live to undermine your confidence, your energy or self-worth. Psychologists call it imposter syndrome, the feeling of being unworthy so your mind does all this to try and keep you in your safe zone. Amanda Palmer calls them the fraud police, ready to knock down your door, accuse you of fraud and tall all your work and accomplishments down as evidence of insignificance. Yesterday, they sort of won.

Mine accuse me of the half-assing offence. They present evidence that I have not really committed to this book and writing thing 100%, not prepared to do the work necessary to make this dream of mine a success. I dabble, it accuses. I’m not a ‘real’ writer. Anyone else have the doubters? If so, what do you do? Me, I found this sign on vacation in Jamaica, total tourist trinket, but the message remines me that I have whatever one day brings, I can make the next one better. I can treat myself better, get the work done. Still, can always use suggestions. What do you do?

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