20 Interesting Things About Me

  • I’m a Sagittarius, the hunter with the bow and arrow, and, after reading all the various traits earmarked for that sign, it seems not a good one. Oh well, you can’t win them all. I possess some of the good ones (idealist, likes travel) and bad ones (impatience) but all-in-all, the sign doesn’t feel like me
  • I’m obsessed with Murder She Wrote and The Golden Girls. Dorothy Zbornak is my spirit animal and I want to solve mysteries with Jessica Fletcher even if my friend Becca thinks she’s a serial killer.
  • I have a master’s degree in library science, but decided I’d rather write books that help people find ‘the right book at the right time,’ although in an ideal world, I’d figure out how to do both
  • I turned 50 in December of 2019, and, surprisingly, didn’t freak out about it
  • I want to take a river cruise. But I want to take a Death on the Nile style one, and you can’t buy one of those at your local travel agent
  • I’m a real life, actual Colorado native (we’re much rarer than you might think these days due to the influx of all kinds wanting Rocky Mountain highs of all sorts)
  • I once saw Neil Gaiman at Comic Con in San Diego. I’d found a quiet place in the convention center to eat a sandwich. It turned out to be across from some sort of office space the con staff used and out he came, with a pedestalled version of Coraline under glass. My mouth fell open, full of sandwich. Mr. Gaiman didn’t notice, thank the merciful gods!
  • Given the above story, it should come as no surprise that I’ve never asked a celebrity for an autograph.
  • No husband, never married, no kids. Cool Aunt!
  • I’m 4’8” tall, or, rather, not tall
  • It’s taking me over a decade to finish my trilogy. Persistence guess I got that, but like everything else, it’s a practice.
  • I’ve named all my cars. Currently I drive Daddy-O, a 2007 Toyota Camry named in honor of my late father.
  • I love history thought it often depresses me. Example: my state, the afor mentioned Colorado, is the only non-Confederate state to have voted in not one, but two former Confederates as governors; James B. Grant was our 3rd and Charles S. Thomas our 11th. Who knew, and how? Still, it’s a fact and adults deal with those, even the ones they don’t like
  • I cannot sing and would desperately love that skill. In my head, I’m Adele or Aretha. In life, I’m off-key and off-talent
  • I iron my jeans. Yes, I’m one of those, but I feel better with pressed cloths
  • I love my bed. I love sleeping in it. I love working in it and all my first drafts (including this one) got written there
  • Not one of those in line to get the new, well, anything technological. No, I’m a so-late-the-next-two-editions-are-out sort of adopter. I’m working on it
  • I can’t spell for anything
  • I have a dream where I spend a year living in hotels. Not your standard Hilton or Holiday Inn, but like Cloud House or the Chelsea Hotel. One of those no longer exists, the other is in Boston and an apartment not a hotel, but I want to live surrounded by fellow artists doing our work
  • Favorite movie quite: The only real currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with somebody when you’re uncool. Lester Bangs to William Miller in Almost Famous. One of those quotes that doubles for great wisdom

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