Revision Hell: The Decent

It started in 2009, yes, I’ve been at this for over a decade now, in San Diego, CA. I went to the infamous San Diego Comic Con, a-maz-ing, and on Saturday morning, eating French toast at a café/deli by my hotel, I got a vision of a woman getting fired. I left work three days earlier in a fragile state, or so I thought, and the possibility of losing my job loomed large (didn’t, blew over, but you know, hindsight). The twist came from my surroundings, what if she got fired by aliens? I went home there to face the non-music and write a book.

I dug in, started working, and realized I needed three books to tell the story, so I now faced writing a trilogy. Book one, How to Survive A Minor Alien Invasion, went up on Amazon in 2014. I did not set the world on fire. How could it? My dad’s health occupied so much of my energy that I lacked a marketing scheme, hello blog 1.0. For several years, until his death in 2018, writing the book kept me sane, but the whole publishing side of things remained beyond my brain’s processing power. However, I decided that the trilogy deserved a real second chance. I pulled Minor Invasion off Amazon and Smashwords to revise, reorganize it and start putting together the many scenes I wrote into a coherent form to start creating book 2, Now What?. I even have book three, name TBD, planned out and started writing scenes. That gives me three, yes three, books at various stages in their development with a plant that to get all three out by 2022. Get ready for an interesting ride.

Now that you know the backstory, what the heck are these books about. The title of book one gives some of it away, but not all. What do they invade? A regional family owned security company based in Boulder, Colorado. Why? Because they need a piece of technology so primitive (to them) it required an equally primitive place to jerry rig it together. This need sets in motion a series of events that cumulates in twenty-three women losing their jobs and one losing her life. This mission, unfortunately, attracted the attention of the galactic police, who in turn, come knocking on the door of two of the fired women for help. Big questions and drama ensue. It must, since it’s taking three books to tell the whole thing.

Now I just need to pull it off.

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