101 Tasks in 1001 Days

101 Things in 1001 days was a blog suggestion I saw when looking for, well, suggestions for blog content, and I thought, why not? I then decided to post the list in the hop of some accountability. So, here go the goals:

  1. Take a cruise
  2. Reach my goal weight
  3. Attend a protest
  4. Start a new business/build my business
  5. Attend a drive-in movie
  6. Keep my blog going, with regular posts, for a year
  7. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Throw myself a birthday party
  10. Attend a movie premier
  11. Kiss under a mistletoe
  12. Throw a dart at a map and go where it lands
  13. Go on a spiritual retreat
  14. Write a play
  15. Learn to write calligraphy
  16. Read over 100 books a year
  17. Adopt a dog/cat
  18. Take my dream vacation
  19. Walk the red carpet at an event
  20. Go to a nude beach
  21. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  22. Learn self-defense
  23. Inner tube down a lazy river
  24. Kiss a stranger
  25. Have a summer romance
  26. By myself an entire new wardrob
  27. Have a candle let dinner
  28. Attend a masquerade ball
  29. Go to an award show
  30. Renovate an old piece of furniture
  31. Create a playlist for someone
  32. Master my physical fitness level
  33. Learn survival skills
  34. Go on a zipline
  35. Learn to ballroom dance
  36. Go on a blind date
  37. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  38. Start a collection of something
  39. Enjoy and document a year’s worth of exploration
  40. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  41. Go to a jazz club
  42. Read the bible
  43. Get a book autographed by it’s author
  44. Make a bucket list
  45. Watch the ball drop live on New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  46. Go to a formal party
  47. Do a road trip across the USA
  48. Ride a train
  49. Visit my kiddos on their birthdays
  50. Throw a 1920s themed New Year’s Eve party
  51. Publish my triology
  52. Get a short story published
  53. Crazy decorate for the holidays
  54. Learn to walk in high heels
  55. Donate time to a cause
  56. Attend the 1940s Winter Ball
  57. Get invited to San Diego Comic Con
  58. Use all of my 45s in crafts
  59. Learn how to do mixed media art
  60. Figure out 20 new hairstyles
  61. Stop drinking soda for 6 months
  62. Get 3 more passport stamps
  63. Steal something and return it
  64. Fill every notebook with stories and books
  65. Create a community
  66. Get a signature drink
  67. Flirt in a bar
  68. Have a spa day
  69. Create a community
  70. Master make-up
  71. go see 15-20 shows
  72. Start a new family tradition
  73. See a drag show
  74. Frame all my art
  75. Start a research project
  76. Become a member of a weekly writers group
  77. Send everyone a card on their birthday
  78. Get a writing place
  79. Work on a political cause
  80. Go see Stephen Colbert
  81. Save $5000 for emergency fund
  82. Get 100% out of debt
  83. Throw mom and 85th birthday party
  84. Purchase prescription sunglasses
  85. Document the creation of my podcast
  86. Have a true badass moment
  87. Get a second tattoo
  88. See a band at a local venue
  89. Learn a recipe a week for a year
  90. Practice meditation
  91. Go to a gay disco
  92. Read all the books in my bookcase
  93. Finish Dad Diary
  94. Read a second holy book
  95. Get a picnic table and eat alfresco once a week in good weather
  96. Complete scrapbook
  97. Make all my Christmas presents one year
  98. Develop a list of vintage clothing stores I like and shop there
  99. Get a tarot card reading
  100. Teach myself to draw
  101. Find myself a hat that suits me

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