Technology Fasting

As I lay in bed on Tuesday, the ninth, a Monday, and I had a thought: Try a technology fast. It sounded good, but, like everyone else, needs it for certain things. I’m job hunting so I need to submit resumes and fill out applications and for that I need the Internet. E-mail, sure most of its trash, but I need to check it for the few things that need dealing with and getting rid of the backlog. What I don’t need is to waste time playing games, checking Facebook, or watching YouTube. So, I won’t. For how long? Well, I’m going on vacation Saturday, visiting my brother in Georgia. I will spend the week leading up to the trip off of these sites.

What will I do instead? Well, they suck-up a lot of time and I do them unconsciously, so first of all, stay aware. And realize that awareness comes in limited amounts, so I need a strategy to deal with. And a carrot to reward myself when it’s all done. When will I BE done? How about until I get back from Georgia. Once I get back to Colorado, I will get to enjoy again. Although, to be honest, I suspect that I might stay off Facebook for longer. Not sure how I feel about the company in the wake of the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal. I have a few weeks to decide. And to figure out my reward. I’m all about rewards.

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