The Hamilton Experience Part 2: What To Wear

Tickets: check!

Now, it’s time to shift focus to wardrobe. Listen, Colorado tends to go for comfort over style. Not that we lack stylish people, we do, but all the focus on outdoor activities makes us lean in the direction of practical. In short, jeans at cultural events is not uncommon. And yes, I can plead guilty, too, but… it’s Hamilton! I want to dress up for it because it’s an event with a capital E. Now, all I need to do is gather the equipment to pull off fancy. And, I only have six weeks to do it and no clue. Should be fun.

Step One: Do I have an acceptable dress? Ironically, I do:

Step Two: I think shoes should come next, so I have a chance to break them in. Ugh-heels, my favorite.

Next up, how do I style my hair and do my make-up.

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