The Hamilton Experience: Getting Tickets!

So, I sat at home for the whole morning and most of the afternoon working to get tickets for the Denver tour of Hamilton. I woke at 8:30 am to sign in and get into what they termed the “digital waiting room” which you could enter at 9 am. At 10 am, sales opened and they gave you a place number so you got some sense of how many people were ahead of you. I got number 11933, meaning there are over 10,000 people ahead of me. They let you sign up for an email alert telling you when it’s your turn, but I figured what the heck, I’ll just stay online until I’m done. The rules were, only 4 tickets max., you had to set up an account (no checking out as a guest), and you had 15 minutes to complete your purchase. Below is a sort journal of that experience. Look, I know that I am far from the first person to cover this topic, but my mother, my almost 82 year old mother, wants to see the hip-hop musical, so I guess I’m up for a digital adventure. I’ve had worse Mondays


11:41 am: I have over 7200 people ahead of me after two hours. I have no idea if I should hope at this point or not. I mean, how big is the Buell anyway? How many can the stuff into it in the time they are here. Fingers crossed.

12:07 pm: Passed the half-way mark, so, God willing by 2:30 I’ll have tickets

12:46 pm: Realized that I’m still wearing my pj’s. Plus, I have another third of the line to get through. Hamilton will just suck of this whole day and I must resign myself to that, but also get dressed.

1:27 pm: So, the screen changed it’s message, from the “Your Wait is Over An Hour” to having a specific number, 55 minutes. Getting excited, so, of course, time is dragging. And, yep, still in my pj’s, although I did brush my hair and now look presentable. This is sucking up so much of my attention that even figuring out what to wear requires too much mental energy.

1:49 pm: 971 people ahead of me, we are now down to triple digits. Really going to get pissed if I did this for naught.

2:13 pm: Under 100 people and then I’m up!

2:20 pm: SUCCESS!!! I am officially going to Hamilton. Now, lunch.

ps-If Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to put in an appearance here in Denver, we in the Mile High City would welcome you with open arms.


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