Calling Me Back: Me and the Movies

It’s been a long time since I got caught up in the whole Oscar season to the point where I needed to see all the nominated films, and in the theater if possible. Yep, I was that teenager. What can I say? It was the eighty’s which equalled less distractions and, with the wonder of the VCR, you could do it from the middle of the country (also, off track, why does Denver get skipped so often when they are testing films. Sorry old grievance. Back to our regular post). Sometimes months later, but I made it a point to see everything. Today we get distracted to death, but for the first time, I’m interested in seeing all the nominated (and should haves) films. Of course, Now I have a car, a bunch of new theaters, and interested friends makes if far easier than back in high school.

Call Me By Your Name, aka the gay love story, is a film I wanted see in the theater from the first time I watched the trailer. It broke some sort of dam and that started the dominos rolling to reveal other films I want to see:¬†The Shape of Water, The Greatest Showman, Molly’s Game, Downsizing, and Coco¬†made me want to return to the movie theater the way nothing has in a long time (Not even the Star Wars movies, sorry to the force). On Monday, I went to go see it with a friend. It felt like a event, one that took me back to that high school girl who loved going to the movies. And, for the first time ever, I don’t think reverting back to my movie geek high school self is such a bad thing.

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