Me…An Abbreviated Version

So, let me explain how this came together.


I’m writing a book and decided, no, not true, I read a bunch of books that drilled into you the idea that you must have a writer’s website. I obeyed, got a domain name and did some research and put up a blog with no sense of purpose beyond having to have one. It contained no real point of view, no niche, and, worst of all, no real engagement by me. I’m not great with authority, strange given how sweet I look, but hey, we’re all full of contradictions, right? Attempt one petered out. How could it not?


A few years later, I found myself staring down fifty and felt strangely fine about this milestone. If you told that to me on my fortieth birthday, I would have told you that you lost your fucking mind. Fifty seemed like a black hole where if certain ambitions did not get met, they would die there by the time I reached the big five-o. But rather than wither, most of my ambitions grew, and I began to see my 50s as a time of growth and creativity. As that idea took hold, I started to get reinterested in the blog and started looking at ideas for blog posts and writing posts. Looking for ideas, I found one called 101 Challenges in 1001 Days. It took ahold of my imagination and I decided to create the blog around that, but a problem quickly presented itself; the idea is too big. I rethought and decided to create a second blog,, and, despite a covid-19 pause, I will complete this. For me. Because I promised myself and I need to start keeping my promises. For the sake of this story, however, we end with a pivot.


Now, here we are at attempt three, the charm! This vision actually has a POV: revision hell. I looked at other writer’s websites and they give lots of advice, but they come at revision sideways. I figure, since you will spend most of your writing time revising, let’s talk about it as a skill separate from, but attached to, writing, one I’m learning as I go. That makes this a combination of diary, inspiration pieces, a place to find a laugh or two, and some helpful tips, but always a respect for the messy, but wonderous craft of writing. Welcome! Let’s take this journey together

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